Litigation and Arbitration

Our litigation and arbitration department actively represents its clients in commercial disputes, administrative proceedings, claims for indemnity and debt, and labor and tax disputes.
The professionalism and competence of our litigation and arbitration attorneys safeguards our clients and their interests, both foreign and domestic, during every stage of the judicial process.

Our clients are supported with legal and strategic advice during settlement negotiations. In cases of inconclusive settlement negotiations, our attorneys take every precaution to guarantee a positive outcome at the end of the litigation proceedings.

Our firm is also well experienced in conducting litigations before arbitration boards and in carrying out executions of awards by arbitration boards in Turkish courts in accordance with the 1958 New York Convention. Moreover, with trade agreements, due to the particularly high-cost of the arbitration process and time consuming nature of executing any awards granted, we make every effort to conclude the arbitration process and implement the awards quickly.